Kombucha Digital Privacy Systems was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2019, with one simple goal: To help you keep your family safe online. Using state of the art end-to-end encryption, we give you the power to control who can see your family’s photos, videos, and written messages.

Our first app, Circles, helps you keep in touch with your closest friends, family, and community. It provides the convenience of a conventional (insecure) social network, plus all the end-to-end security and privacy of modern encrypted group messenger apps.


Dr. Charles V. Wright, Founder and CEO

Dr. Wright is an expert in computer security and privacy, with over 15 years of R&D experience and more than a dozen highly-cited publications in top venues. He holds MS and PhD degrees from Johns Hopkins University and a BS in Computer Science from Texas A&M University. In previous work at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, he advised the US government on cybersecurity R&D strategy, ran multiple test and evaluation efforts, and helped various customers in the Department of Defense understand how cybersecurity could impact their missions. Dr. Wright is currently on sabbatical from his “day job” as a tenured professor of Computer Science at a large public university in the Pacific Northwest.